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Love Canal...

...sounds like a euphemism for the Fallopian tube, but it's a neighborhood that was built over a toxic waste dump (thank you APES). My econ teacher has relatives who lived there.

On a completely relevant note, an amusing song called "French Fries" that is awfully similar to OneRepublic's "Apologize" can be found here.

And I watched Blood Knot at the American Conservatory Theater today. It was surprisingly good, considering the past few mediocre productions. It might have been the script, it might have been a different director, it might have been the fact that there are only two actors, it might have been the subject matter, but I really liked it. In fact, I think I'm going to say that I liked it more than Sweeney Todd, even if I am secretly in love with Beakeley. Oops. I mean not secretly in love with Benjamin Eakeley. I mean the Beadle. Who totally did not make a coffin look sexy. At all. And bore no resemblance at all to how Draco Malfoy should be portrayed in the Harry Potter movies.

I think I'm procrastinating again.

So here are two more YouTube videos, both from O Brother, Where Art Thou? The lullaby/song/thing the sirens sing and the one the scary congregation sings. Not that either of these are scary or alarming. And one more. "Dear Old Shiz" from Wicked. I guess I have a thing for choirs.

Disclaimer: I am totally not religious, and none of these are the originals.
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I swear this is the last waste of a post today. (Well, maybe not swear.)

This was in my Environmental Science textbook. I thought it was really funny, even though I think I knew what it was before reading it:

HAHA! Baser.
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I don't use my eraser

So this is what my math homework looks like. I kid you not. This was not staged. It begins like any other tragic tale: unexpectedly. This is not so messy:

Nor is this:
I think this one is still excusable, because my eraser was in my bag or somewhere else that would require me to move:

But then you get this:

(What the hell is that cat thing?) And this:

And this, which expresses a sentiment in the upper right-hand corner that I often have while doing math:

And then I start to wonder how I messed up that many times:

And realize I can't draw in 3-D:

And I can't even use the tip of my pencil to cross out, because shading is much more efficient:

And this is all messed up setups for the same problem:

And here is the massacre. Those of weak constitutions are advised to avert their eyes:

And to quote Kurtz, "The horror! The horror!"

Now that that is done, here is some fun stuff from my math homework/tests. A sketch of some graph that needed to be rotated and integrated...that turned into the girl from The Ring.

The debate that I won about how eggs are not oval-shaped, so describing a graph as "like an egg with the top cut off" does not adequately describe the graph of "a 3-D oval thing with the top cut off":

And how math tests make me feel:

Imaginary reader, you might ask why I don't just use an eraser. Well, scratching out is faster. And I am lazy. And we don't actually have to turn in our math homework. But for a word problem set that we did have to turn in, this was the result:

If you can imagine my carpet as a desert stretching on for miles and miles, with no horizon but the next sand dune in sight, you would have a to-scale representation of my eraser-dust-covered floor. And that is why I don't use my eraser.
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Valentine's Jar

I know it's been almost two weeks since Valentine's Day, but love is eternal or whatever, so here is what my friend Sunshine gave me for Valentine's Day, packaged in the classic...pickle jar:

Top view:

And the amazing diorama:

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Why I am the center of the universe. Or at least the solar system.
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Progress report:

And I should sleep.
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outfit post

Outfit post because I still have to study for APES (why does this class always come up in blogging?) and I just finished studying for math and I am listening to a scary fanmix of Obama's.

Khaki thing: Target. Headband: Claire's. It was supposed to look like that Erickson Beamon one from a Vogue editorial a long time ago. In fact, this whole outfit is supposed to look like that editorial, only I forgot what it was. Oh well. Clear headband. Turtleneck: probably my mother's. Dress: Gift from Forever21. Tights: generic drugstore brand

Socks: gift from J. Crew (seriously, they are the strangest things ever. The pattern ends at the ankle.) Patterned thermal: Kohl's. Sweater: Mother's, from the must-be-thrown-out-too-ugly bag. Tank: somewhere in the Haight Ashbury. Skirt: Forever21. Way too short. Leggings: United Colors of Benetton.

Okay APES.

I am trying to post often so that I remember this exists. It's kind of addictive, actually. I have lots of post ideas in my head. If only I could concentrate on schoolwork more so I'd have more time to do this...
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My new shoes

Oh yeah. And here are my new shoes. Which cannot be worn to school because my drama teacher insists on sensible shoes that we can run in, because running laps is totally part of drama class.

From delia's. I heart. Metallic. Oxfords. With a heel. And a bright orange box. And here are my new ridunkulously big sunglasses, because I lost my red plastic aviators from Forever21 at the beach, and my other giant purple ones look too ridiculous.

$10, baby. BP Nordstrom.
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Senioritis is like...

...These Asian crackers. No racial slur intended at all.

Who wouldn't want to eat crisp biscuits with an incorrectly hyphenated Biblical reference?

But seriously, I can't concentrate at all, and it's almost midnight, and I have homework, and I can't do it, and I am babbling, and I have a massive headache.
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crafty endeavors

Just wondering, does blogger directly link to images? Because if so, that kind of sucks. It seems like it does, though. But anyway. Is nemrešpobjećodnedjelje not wearing the coolest gigantic scarf ever?

So I'm trying to knit a giant scarf. Since its giganticness will be the center of attention, I'm just using whatever acrylic yarn I have lying around that isn't rainbow (as in the yarn itself is rainbow... which is scary, but I do own a couple rainbow skeins). Progress report:

In other news, I was walking around the house for exercise (okay, not really, but haven't you always thought how sad it was that women in, like, Jane Austen books (which I haven't read, by the way, because the plotlines kill me in the first twenty pages, although I must admit the prose is good) have to walk around the house for exercise?) and I saw this fabric sitting in stacks on top of our massive piggy bank. I think my grandma brought it out from the garage/her neverending stash of fabric:

And as soon as I saw it, I knew that 1) it was so tacky nobody in this house would ever dream of using it, which meant I could, and 2) it reminded me desperately of Prada's 2008 Resort Collection:

Except uglier. Which is even better. Speaking of daffodils, because, um... the print is floral, so daffodils are not an unrelated subject, here are the daffodils I received on Valentine's Day, in various states of wilting, because I think they're funny:

How sad. I love daffodils. And sunflowers. And daisies. I suppose I have an affinity for yellow flowers. Or flowers with yellow. My friend got me daffodils because I like daffodils, but also because daffodils are also called narcissi. Narcissuses. Nar... The daffodil is also called a narcissus, and we all know how Narcissus fell in love with his reflection.

Because I am the center of the universe. Duh. And to prove it, here are some pictures. Of ME! Someday I will take pictures of all my shoes and you can imagine them here.

Denim jacket: delia's. White ruffled shirt with ruffles stuffed into the front: mother's. Short shorts: wetseal (I'm surprised they haven't disintegrated). Leggings: United Colors of Benetton (I bought these before the leggings shit hit the painfully mainstream fan. Sad, especially because I love leggings and hosiery). Socks: Target, maybe.

Beanie: mother's from the Gap, because my brother used to get a discount when he worked there. Black v-neck short-sleeve sweater: mother's. Brown printed longsleeve thermal: Kohl's. Floral slip: vintage, estate sale. Tights: Hue. Socks: gift.

Scarf: mother's. Pink longsleeve: United Colors of Benetton. Cardigan: mother's, salvaged from the bag of stuff to be thrown away because they were deemed to be too hideous. Green circle kirt: crafted from way-overpriced stretchy Britex fabric. Tights: Some generic drugstore brand.

Blue cardigan: grandmother's. Collared shirt: grandmother's. Belt: came with some trashy looking shirt my mom bought so she could have the belt. Skirt: Nordstrom Rack, and it does this really awkward bunching up thing when I walk. Tights: Generic drugstore brand. Socks: gift.

And isn't it ironic how Forever21 is selling those Go-Green type bags when most of its stuff is imported and has to be shipped overseas with vehicles that WOW who would've suspected burn fossil fuels to operate, releasing carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide, contributing to global climate change and air pollution?

My friends have been telling me my environmental science class is brainwashing me. Maybe, except I still take forty-minute showers and get driven to school even though it's a ten-minute bus ride. I just think people should know a little something before they buy hypocritical merchandise with Green slapped across it because it's what everyone else is doing.

Dear imaginary readers, let me leave you with a this somewhat unrelated video, which totally made me cry a little, snagged from GalaDarling.
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window shopping

Ever go window shopping online pretending you have an unlimited budget? I know I do, but please, don't worry about me. Nothing is wrong with me. I am cheap and broke, so here I go.

At Payless, because they make shoes that smell funny and they probably underpay their workers, but they're cheap:

At delia's, because I am totally a teenage girl and love teenage girl clothes:

Okay maybe you can start worrying now, because this total from Forever21 is kind of worrying, although you have to admit, 21 grand is kind of appropriate:

In other, non-procrastination-type news, the button on my black skinny pants from the Gap is cracking. How strange.

And it is raining like crazy and is super windy.

A few nights ago I dreamed the entire senior class was, y'know, hanging out. In a giant ball pit.

Also, while psycho-window-shopping at delia's, I came across this extremely discriminatory t-shirt, which is out of whack:

I mean seriously. What if you're not FABRIC-sized? I can't believe it.

And at Payless. How could you not want this. This is not even a question.

But then you get this. I know why this is called the Airwalk Compel Clog. Because you go, "What compelled Airwalk to make fake Crocs, let alone fake Crocs that look like the lovechild of Picasso's vomit during his Blue Period and one of those summer camp paintings where you blow paint through a straw? Combined with a machine gun with triangular bullets?"

I think this is the 1 out of 1 times in my life that I will say the Crocs look better.

But in other news, since I like pictures, doesn't this bag from Payless totally look like "I see you eyeing my ugly-pretty bag. Where did I get it, you wonder secretly to yourself? Why, yes, I do shop vintage"?

Um... This is from delia's. And even though I never swim anymore, I will start again just so I can wear this:

And WOW, do these look startlingly similar in a No Really, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! way or what? (UrbanOutfitters, followed by Forever21):

And now I really should catch up on the 80 or so pages of textbook reading I got behind on while preparing for my UCLA interview, which was, like, a whole week ago.
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