Because Threadless has been sucking for a while

I don't know how to use integration to find the volume of a solid when there are no numbers. I suck at math. This should become a recurring theme. So I am blogging, because really, when posting pictures is this easy, why not?

So Threadless has been sucking for a while, because it's become so ubiquitous and everybody knows where you got your shirts from. And really, I don't want to shell out that much money for a t-shirt, but I do rather like these two from their recent batch, even if I wouldn't buy them:

Above, Napoleon in War Paint by Jesse Lefkowtiz, $17 Girls and Guys

Above, Secrets of Mensa by Julian Glander, $18 Girls and Guys

And a highly addictive geography game (I heard FaceBook has a better one, but I don't have a FaceBook) a little something just to remind you how little you really know.

In other news, today in drama we did this activity that was really painful to watch and take part in, but I think it really worked. It was basically like what they do at PostSecret readings, where people go up and tell something. We had to tell one thing we wanted everyone to know and one thing we didn't want everyone to know. It was like being naked or something.

I should add links soon. When I remember to. And outfit posts or something. But to end, because I really do need to go do my homework, here is my current wishlist/brainbarf:
  • high-waisted skirts
  • looser short shorts... maybe in satin... because I love short shorts and their weather-impracticality
  • silver penny loafers
  • gigantic scarf
  • gray tights
  • I still want PVC leggings :( In black. Because that girl at my school who dresses straight out of the Urban Outfitters and American Apparel catalogs owns the bronze ones.
  • tiny flouncy and/or floral skirt
  • v-neck men's tees
  • multiple single-strand headbands
  • heart-shaped sunglasses because I am reading Lolita
  • true blue for head or hair
  • bandage skirt
  • tights! metallic and in colors and ridiculous prints and textures
  • men's-style pants in heavier fabrics
  • some giant faux fur monster coat
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