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Ever go window shopping online pretending you have an unlimited budget? I know I do, but please, don't worry about me. Nothing is wrong with me. I am cheap and broke, so here I go.

At Payless, because they make shoes that smell funny and they probably underpay their workers, but they're cheap:

At delia's, because I am totally a teenage girl and love teenage girl clothes:

Okay maybe you can start worrying now, because this total from Forever21 is kind of worrying, although you have to admit, 21 grand is kind of appropriate:

In other, non-procrastination-type news, the button on my black skinny pants from the Gap is cracking. How strange.

And it is raining like crazy and is super windy.

A few nights ago I dreamed the entire senior class was, y'know, hanging out. In a giant ball pit.

Also, while psycho-window-shopping at delia's, I came across this extremely discriminatory t-shirt, which is out of whack:

I mean seriously. What if you're not FABRIC-sized? I can't believe it.

And at Payless. How could you not want this. This is not even a question.

But then you get this. I know why this is called the Airwalk Compel Clog. Because you go, "What compelled Airwalk to make fake Crocs, let alone fake Crocs that look like the lovechild of Picasso's vomit during his Blue Period and one of those summer camp paintings where you blow paint through a straw? Combined with a machine gun with triangular bullets?"

I think this is the 1 out of 1 times in my life that I will say the Crocs look better.

But in other news, since I like pictures, doesn't this bag from Payless totally look like "I see you eyeing my ugly-pretty bag. Where did I get it, you wonder secretly to yourself? Why, yes, I do shop vintage"?

Um... This is from delia's. And even though I never swim anymore, I will start again just so I can wear this:

And WOW, do these look startlingly similar in a No Really, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! way or what? (UrbanOutfitters, followed by Forever21):

And now I really should catch up on the 80 or so pages of textbook reading I got behind on while preparing for my UCLA interview, which was, like, a whole week ago.
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