Now it's 11:20

And I am procrastinating some more. As a senior, this is really quite easy.

Does this make anyone else smile?

It's a young JFK with a tiny little dog. I really like this picture and am going to pretend it is my fashion inspiration for the next three hours, until I realize I am not white or male, and I don't particularly like dogs. And when I realize I'm only going to get three and a half hours of sleep.

I sure seem to have this whole (potential, young, "poetry candidate") president thing going on, so let me end with something more teenage girl. I love delia's. I love delia's on clearance even more. Too bad I just ordered a whole truckload of clothes from there, so I don't really have an excuse to get these, too:

Above: Paige Dress, $14.99 (Original: $39.50). Too hip.

Above, Madison Dress, $19.99 (Original: $44.50). I'm going to try to find something vintage that looks like this.

And now, I should really do my APES homework.
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