Love Canal...

...sounds like a euphemism for the Fallopian tube, but it's a neighborhood that was built over a toxic waste dump (thank you APES). My econ teacher has relatives who lived there.

On a completely relevant note, an amusing song called "French Fries" that is awfully similar to OneRepublic's "Apologize" can be found here.

And I watched Blood Knot at the American Conservatory Theater today. It was surprisingly good, considering the past few mediocre productions. It might have been the script, it might have been a different director, it might have been the fact that there are only two actors, it might have been the subject matter, but I really liked it. In fact, I think I'm going to say that I liked it more than Sweeney Todd, even if I am secretly in love with Beakeley. Oops. I mean not secretly in love with Benjamin Eakeley. I mean the Beadle. Who totally did not make a coffin look sexy. At all. And bore no resemblance at all to how Draco Malfoy should be portrayed in the Harry Potter movies.

I think I'm procrastinating again.

So here are two more YouTube videos, both from O Brother, Where Art Thou? The lullaby/song/thing the sirens sing and the one the scary congregation sings. Not that either of these are scary or alarming. And one more. "Dear Old Shiz" from Wicked. I guess I have a thing for choirs.

Disclaimer: I am totally not religious, and none of these are the originals.
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