Novelty Post (Epic Fail)

This is my novelty post, because I am sitting in the car, basically testing my typing skills because I can't see the keyboard at all. This is interesting. I will find something substantial to post about, I really will.

This really is the most peculiar thing ever. I am stationary. But moving.

And the screen of my laptop is so bright I can't see anything around it.

I just ate at a Thai restaurant called Cha Am. Too bad I had cheap Chinese food (Rice Garden ftw!) and Caramel Apple Spice beforehand (I mooch).


And this is where I become so nauseous from trying to concentrate on a glowing screen in a dark car that I stop.

Epic Fail.


And now it is past midnight, so this post doesn't even count for yesterday.

So today I dressed as a fake hipster. Look!

See my vacant gaze, sleep-deprived eyes, unwashed hair, horizontal headband/sweatband/elfin circlet of immortality, skinny overdyed jeans, ironic socks, and ill-fitting white top?

Okay, okay. I admit. If I were really trying, I'd have smudged on some eyeliner, had my unwashed hair down and worn a rattier, wider headband and had skinnier jeans and even more ironic socks (how can socks be ironic?) and a V-neck men's t-shirt that was tissue-thin.

But clothes are so much more fun when people look at you funny, especially since I attend a thoroughly academic high school. Probably about half the student body cares what they wear. About half of those don't look like they own ten items of clothing which must always be worn in the same combination. About half of the remaining look like they don't shop exclusively at American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and ridiculously overpriced vintage stores in the Haight. And the remaining few make me smile, like the psycho girl whose picture I do not have, who wore skinny jeans that were too short, coral nylon socks with embroidery, and plain canvas Mary-Jane flats.

Most people wear some combination of jeans, metallic or black flats, and t-shirts and zip-up hoodies. Every. Frigging. Day. Only one person understood my hipster reference. Maybe I needed sunglasses and a copy of Nylon. I'm such a bad fake hipster. (Bonus question! Is my fake hipster headband recognizable as a chopped-off half of that freebie headband from Clinique some years back?)

And disclaimer: I don't like hipsters because of Cory Kennedy, for reasons I will eventually explain. I was trying to be ironic. Which was hipster-y of me, wasn't it. Oh snaps.

Excerpt from my day:

(Dude comes up to snap my headband)
Me: Ow.
Dude: Looks good. Like a ninja.
Me: Yeah. I'm gonna kick your ass.

Look! Obama references from the director of Blood Knot:

Wrong, director. You have to love Obama. Because of this:

And some more outfits, to clear out my camera:

Above, hipster outfit + coat. Coat: delia's. White collared shirt: older brother's, Old Navy little boys' section. (Not visible: blue tank top: Old Navy. Yellow "She Doesn't Even Realize" tee: Threadless. Black longsleeve: BP Nordstrom) Green jeans: Target. Socks: gift.

Above, 80's irony, especially ironic because I did not experience the 80's. In retrospect, no pun intended, that sweater is awfully short. Printed blue thing: thermal, Kohl's. Printed black thing: some t-shirt with metallic skulls, Ross. Sweater: grandm'as. Leggings: Rite Aid, suckers. Socks: H&M.

Above, going for some kind of food-related color scheme. Scarf: mother's, Gap. Printed longsleeve: JCPenney. Tee: actually one of those gross tops that has a fake inner layer to create the illusion of layered tops, and actually a fake layered sweater, and actually my mom's. Dress: gift, Forever21. Tights: Hue.

Oh, and in other news, today was Vera-fication day, which I may or may not elaborate on in the future, because it is almost 3 AM, and I should sleep.
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