Is it normal to...

...close your eyes and see outfits? This is very strange. This has happened before, but recently, I have been closing my eyes and seeing the same outfit over and over instead of different ones every time: a brunette wearing a black 3/4-sleeve cardigan, some kind of chunky knit with big plastic buttons, and a pink leather belt with multiple straps, over a floral skirt, with a pair of floral printed wedges. The skirt is black, white, and pink, and it's a white floral design outlined in black. Empty non-floral parts of the skirt are bright pink. Kind of makes me think of horror vacui, only on a skirt and in three colors. And speaking of horror vacui, here is stuff by one of my Craftster heroes, bleachrainbow (or here), one of whose posts first introduced me to the term "horror vacui."

She is amazing. I would post everything she's ever made, but you should go see for yourself.

Speaking of Craftster heroes, here is stuff by Ryan Moore, who is kinda cute.

Again, go see for yourself. He sews. Pokemon hoodies. How cute!

And now, I feel really unskilled.
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