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I definitely did not know I was up to fifty posts already. In honor of my fiftieth post (or just because I can), I have ordered shirts from Threadless! Which is having a sale! I got both my Napelon in War Paint and Secrets of Mensa t-shirts. Insert heart.

Hey, according to Wikipedia,
Sam Hall” is an old English folk song. Prior to the mid 19th century it was called “Jack Hall”, after an infamous English thief, who was hanged in 1707 at Tyburn.
Which is funny because in The Day After Tomorrow (which we are watching in APES right now because my teacher lost her voice and can't lecture, which proves that APES is not all that bad, even if the movie's cheesy, because it has really ambitious CGI and Jake Gyllenhaal in it looking very studious and collegiate), Dennis Quaid plays Jack Hall, father to Sam Hall, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who is really, really cute.

Jake Gyllenhaal looking bundled up and ridiculous with his plaid thing peeking out:

Jake Gyllenhaal looking suspicious and pre-heroic:

Jake Gyllenhaal looking like that semi-embarrassing crazy boyfriend or guy friend you leave at a party for too long who ends up with a gaggle of girls surrounding him (or this only happens in my head):

Jake Gyllenhaal looking content and Western and long-lashed with Heath Ledger, whom I did not know personally but would have liked to, and for whom I might actually leave the house and go watch the new Batman film:

And finally, Jake Gyllenhaal doing the quintessential adorable guy thing and looking so coy you can just hear the giggling in the internal monologue you are writing for him:

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