I am dry

I need lotion.

Please watch the One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song video.

I want to write technical manuals. My first one will be a guide for blue-collar workers. I will call it The Manual Labor Manual.

I just had a very weird experience in the shower. One of our shower doors is broken (they're the sliding kind), so my mom stuck a sign on it that says "Do not touch this door!" She used the back of a bad copy of my APES field study draft, so when you're in the shower, you can read my field study taped to the shower door. It's especially weird when it's slightly fogged up.

I also accidentally sprayed myself in the eye with some Victoria's Secret body spray. I don't like Victoria's Secret body spray. My fourteen-year-old self thought it was sophisticated, or something, so I have a ton of it and tons of Victoria's Secret Unmoisturizing But Heavily Scented Lotions.

I should do homework.
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