Ode to the Aviators

Please forgive me for this ugly outfit. It is the only picture I still have of my red plastic aviators.

Above, white dress shirt: Old Navy, brother's. Belt: off my mom's shirt. Green t-shirt: United Colors of Benetton. Brown jersey dress: somewhere in the Haight. Jeans: Levi's. Red plastic aviator sunglasses: Forever21.

Dedicated to my red plastic aviators, which I lost during a bonfire on the beach, in the styles of three famous poets:

O plastic! sunglasses! from Forever21;
Your lens have* weather'd every rack, the time we had was fun;
The beach is near, the waves I hear, the people all bonfiring,
While flashlight tag the young'uns play, the mission grim and daring:
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the shiny plastic red,
Where on the sand sunglasses lie,
Fallen from my head.

Where fell my friend I think I know.
Recover him I will not, though;
But I must close my eyes, I fear:
The sun is bright and setting low.

My plastic friend must think it queer
To fall untimely from my ear
Between the ocean and the street
While flashlight tag is my career.

He sits there sadly dodging feet
To ask if I've someone to meet
Since I have left him here to keep
Dominion on his sandy seat.

The sea is lovely, dark and deep,
But there are sand dunes far too steep,
And plastic sunglasses to weep,
And plastic sunglasses to weep.

Once upon a bonfire outing, while I cursed the weather, pouting,
For excessive fog and promises that temperatures would soar,
While I giggled, flashlight tagging, suddenly I felt time lagging,
As of dial-up WoW and fragging, making teammates prone to snore.
" 'Twas the weatherman's own fault," I thought, "red sunglasses I wore."
Quoth Bad Karma, "Nevermore!"

*Shaddup. It sounds plural.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled program.

[edit: OMG I have something to confess. These are not actually aviators. They're plastic Ray Ban Wayfarer type things. Mea culpa.]
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