HOMG I haz comment from Noel at MissCouturable! I can sleep happy now! I should really track my comments instead of manually checking them! Exclamation points! I should stop complaining about college! I spent 8 hours making a 3-D version of a 1Up mushroom (from Super Mario)! A graph rotated about the x-axis cut into 25 slices! I hate calculus! Mr. Chan, I hate you! (But not really!)

Oh yeah, and male model Ryan Taylor is really, really, ridiculously good-looking adorable.

Brooding!Ryan Taylor:

Geeky/serious!Ryan Taylor:

Coy!Ryan Taylor:

Have I mentioned that I hate APES, I'm really good at procrastinating, and I probably have rehearsal the whole week because my favorite white-kid-with-a-medieval-peasant-haircut and I haven't rehearsed our scene for the Ohlone Theater Competition/Festival at ALL?
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