Both StyleBubble and StyleBytes have done posts on Etsy seller Paraphernalia, so of course I checked it out, but lo and behold! Seller TillyBloom, also on Etsy, has similar wares. My picks from both stores are below.


Above, Fauna Parrot Necklace, $22, from Paraphernalia at Etsy

Above, Fauna Goldfish Necklace, $17 from Paraphernalia at Etsy

I was surprised, because as much as I like most of the Paraphernalia designs and how detailed they are, I think the graphics at TillyBloom have more of an old school feel.


Above, Eye Test, $25 from TillyBloom at Etsy

Above, Joan of Arc Necklace, $24 from TillyBloom at Etsy

And my favorite from both stores, because it reminds me of the Morton Salt Umbrella Girl:

Above, April Showers Necklace, $25 from TillyBloom at Etsy

I also found an Etsy seller selling these refashioned vintage stockings that looked very, very Prada (see below) but then I lost the link. I hope I find it again, or else I mightresort to stitching stockings together, because those American Apparel ones are way too expensive.

"True art is revolution, everything else is merely imitation." (Truthiness?)
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