It's my bad-ass (oh man, I can't stop swearing) Whole Foods bag! Which I use for school! Because I can smuggle three babies in it! (No, really, I think I could.) With a composition notebook for size comparison:

Because Whole Foods has good food. And I totally jumped on the green bandwagon first. Uhuh.

And here's an endearingly childish bracelet my friend Shelby made for me, because, well, it is endearingly childish, which I suppose makes it painfully hipster-ish, doesn't it? ...The only way to unbecome a hipster is to shop at department stores. So not worth it. So here. Relish in my not-quite-hipsterdom:

And! to clear my camera, here are some fried things my grandma made. Aren't they cute?

In a crunchy, greasy, fattening, floral way.
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