My friend's advice sucks...

...because right when I was about to jump on the (already gone) Moleskine bandwagon, I missed and knocked my head on the back wheel instead.

Here is my new Moleskine:

And I'm not sure if this is how all Moleskines are, but it came with... 4 information packet things.

Which I thought was strange. And now I am sad because I just wanted a plain, unlined Moleskine, and I should have bought the pack of 3 despite their being bendable, but no. I listened to my friend-with-poor-judgment's advice and bought the stiffer, non-bendy one. Which turns out to be a sketchbook with really thick pages that are far too expensive for what I planned on using them for.

In other, less depressing news... things you have probably seen before.

I must go shopping this weekend. Shopping withdrawal.
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