I want to be a Bruin

I want to be one of 38,000. I want to celebrate blue and gold. I want to participate in the Undie Run. It would give me an excuse to find ruffled boyshorts.

Y'know I just realized that I am one out of the 60ish (I say 60ish because I know the final class size will be around 65, but I don't know how many students they accept and how many students decline their admission) applicants chosen for UCLA's undergrad theater program. Out of 1500ish applicants. Uh, that's a 4% admit rate. Uh, EXPLETIVE. While most of those 1500 are acting applicants, that 4% still scares me.

My mom still wants me to look at Cal. I should stop complaining. What an opportunity I would be throwing away, though, if I didn't go to LA.

People not familiar with the UCs should ignore all these college posts. Guh.

College is simultaneously the most amazing and terrifying thing I have yet faced. I can't even cook eggs.
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