I hate...

...Environmental Science, but you knew that.

I just finished my field study draft.


Does anyone else totally need these?

Honey Bee Shoe, $39 at delia's

Gavivi Wedge Sandal, $16.80 at Forever21

With a name like Gavivi, how could you not want it? (Also, the delia's wedges are sold out in green. Wow. I think they've had them for a couple months now but that was fast.)

(Edit: Okay apparently they are not sold out. I lie. But the green ones are the best. And they are having a last chance clearance sale, but either the website is still being updated or everything is already sold out because it keeps giving me the "Sorry, this color/size combination is not available" or whatever.)

Okay and now I am getting woozy. I am 50% sure I brought this on myself. And I'm 50% sure that Ohlone brought this on me. Rehearsal, I keel you!

Oh and thank you commenters! Comments make me feel awkward but they also make me happy. Like this turtle! Except happier.
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