Harry Potter and the Frilly Knickers

Harry Potter is my hero, and I love Harry Potter, and I might go see Equus when it goes to New York. And I will totally do a Harry Potter post. But for now, I remind myself I must go to sleep, and that my friend alerted me about this poster, which she wants to get signed when we hypothetically go watch Equus in New York in September, and it looks kind of freaking cool although the whole Daniel Radcliffe's pasty anatomy/horse head is sickening... in a good way:

Anyway, this promotional picture of Daniel Radcliffe and Girl In Knickers...

Always made me want to buy ruffled/frilly knickers like the ones no-intro-neccessary Agathe (OG!) bought recently:

And I saw an LJ icon the other day that had a picture of Daniel Radcliffe and the phrase "Scruffy berk with no sex appeal," in reference to amazing fanfic writer Maya's "Draco Malfoy, Ruler of the Universe." Truer words were never writ.
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