More self-pity

Because I am the center of the universe, and I must complain.

Going to my ridiculous high school has left me so chronically stressed and sleep-deprived that my AP Econ notes look like this:

Okay, I admit. The one above is not that ugly. It's messy, but not that sleepy-looking. This next one is, though. I can't draw straight lines when I'm tired, so this is what I wrote when I woke up:

Look, I even had trouble spelling "straight." I think I tried to write A instead of H.

And this is pretty sleepy. I mean seriously. What does it say on the line after 8? Speal? Spead? Spear? (Okay, a quick note-comparison with my friend informs me that what was written on the board was "Spread between C and I," so don't even ask me where I got a K from).

And here is the extremely, ridiculously sleepy one, during the writing of which I was distinctly convinced that my Econ teacher had told us to draw a box of flowers (not joking):

And just for fun, here is a diagram I drew on my math test:

The sad face is my teacher, the thing on his back is a bag of manure, and the blobs on the bottom are monkeys at which my teacher is hurling manure at a constant rate as he is raised by the rope.

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