I should really sleep soon so I don't fall asleep on my econ test like last time (who can blame me?) and to avoid another headache. A few things.

Here is an outfit post, because this is the real reason I take photos of myself every day, to make sure I have something to post about when I have nothing to say:

Oh, gross. This is really old. My hair is so short. I like how all my bags migrated in the background. Okay. Gross. Turtleneck: mother's. Ribbon: lying around. Floral thing: slip, vintage. Tights: something from Nordstrom (way too expensive for white tights). Socks: Target. Why am I wearing those socks? It kind of totally ruins it.

Anyway, today my English teacher brought up Obama in class and started bashing him. Isn't that illegal, to talk about politics in a public classroom?

Also, are you a hipster if you hate hipsters? Is that the new hipster thing to do?

Should Fridays become Hipster Fridays?

Are the people who bash Obama just trying not to jump on a very hopeful bandwagon, or do they really think he'd make a horrible leader?
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