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Outfit post because I still have to study for APES (why does this class always come up in blogging?) and I just finished studying for math and I am listening to a scary fanmix of Obama's.

Khaki thing: Target. Headband: Claire's. It was supposed to look like that Erickson Beamon one from a Vogue editorial a long time ago. In fact, this whole outfit is supposed to look like that editorial, only I forgot what it was. Oh well. Clear headband. Turtleneck: probably my mother's. Dress: Gift from Forever21. Tights: generic drugstore brand

Socks: gift from J. Crew (seriously, they are the strangest things ever. The pattern ends at the ankle.) Patterned thermal: Kohl's. Sweater: Mother's, from the must-be-thrown-out-too-ugly bag. Tank: somewhere in the Haight Ashbury. Skirt: Forever21. Way too short. Leggings: United Colors of Benetton.

Okay APES.

I am trying to post often so that I remember this exists. It's kind of addictive, actually. I have lots of post ideas in my head. If only I could concentrate on schoolwork more so I'd have more time to do this...
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