I am just starting my English essay on the use of blackberries as poetic images in Seamus Heaney's "Blackberry-picking" and Richard Wilbur's "Blackberries for Amelia." The other options were Emily Dickinson's "The Black Berry — wears a Thorn in his side —", Galway Kinnell's "Blackberry Eating," and Sylvia Plath's "Blackberrying" (which, by the way, I think is almost complete nonsense as writing but redeems itself because it sounds so musical. To me).

But I must post, or I will fall really quickly out of the habit of posting, and this blog will die like all my previous blogs.

So I was talking to my friend and suddenly asked if Obama ever had an afro. So a quick Google search later...

"Laters." How cute.

Oh, and here are some old outfit shots. You must learn to ignore the background. Or I must learn how to not take MySpace-esque mirror shots.

White cardigan: grandmothers. Dress: Mother's. Light blue thermal peeking out: Old Navy (gift). Tights: Hue.

Green sweater: Express (thrifted). Dress: some place that closed down (it sold imported stuff from Asia, I think). Brown thermal peeking out: some brand from Kohl's. Tights: generic drugstore brand

Wow, these pictures were taken a long time apart. (Look at my hair.)

And now for blackberries.
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