Now it's 12:16!

I'm on a roll! This procrastination thing is really working for me!

*has just found out it's probably going to rain tomorrow and is secretly crying and rejoicing because this means I have to wear my $8 brown oxfords from Payless because they won't get soggy but can't wear wool or anything dry-clean-only*

Obama! Because as much as people dislike him for talking a lot and being young and naive or whatever, he can write, and he can deliver speeches, and Hillary wears scary yellow suits.

In all reality, there is a yellow blazer sitting in my closet, salvaged from the pile of ridiculous-90s-stuff-with-shoulder-pads that my mother and aunt were throwing out. It is indeed yellow and has shoulder pads and came with a matching yellow skirt with elasticized waist. So maybe I'm not one to talk. But I don't wear it in public. I just dream about it.

And you have to give credit to Hillary for 1) having an amazing makeup artist (who is allegedly a Republican) and 2) wearing pants that are a little too short, which is exactly what I'm craving right now. Some man-inspired dress pants or skinny pants (doesn't "man-inspired" sound so much more fun than "menswear-inspired"?) that are a little too short. Mmmm.

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