I don't use my eraser

So this is what my math homework looks like. I kid you not. This was not staged. It begins like any other tragic tale: unexpectedly. This is not so messy:

Nor is this:
I think this one is still excusable, because my eraser was in my bag or somewhere else that would require me to move:

But then you get this:

(What the hell is that cat thing?) And this:

And this, which expresses a sentiment in the upper right-hand corner that I often have while doing math:

And then I start to wonder how I messed up that many times:

And realize I can't draw in 3-D:

And I can't even use the tip of my pencil to cross out, because shading is much more efficient:

And this is all messed up setups for the same problem:

And here is the massacre. Those of weak constitutions are advised to avert their eyes:

And to quote Kurtz, "The horror! The horror!"

Now that that is done, here is some fun stuff from my math homework/tests. A sketch of some graph that needed to be rotated and integrated...that turned into the girl from The Ring.

The debate that I won about how eggs are not oval-shaped, so describing a graph as "like an egg with the top cut off" does not adequately describe the graph of "a 3-D oval thing with the top cut off":

And how math tests make me feel:

Imaginary reader, you might ask why I don't just use an eraser. Well, scratching out is faster. And I am lazy. And we don't actually have to turn in our math homework. But for a word problem set that we did have to turn in, this was the result:

If you can imagine my carpet as a desert stretching on for miles and miles, with no horizon but the next sand dune in sight, you would have a to-scale representation of my eraser-dust-covered floor. And that is why I don't use my eraser.
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