I broke my shopping ban on Saturday. (Well, technically, I didn't because I said "Don't buy any clothing or accessories for yourself until June 1, 2009. (But recognize the exceptions.)" and I think this counts as an exception.)

Again, overpriced. But, um, I could care very little less because 1940s clip-ons?!

Thank you, estate sale. Whoever used to live there, you were probably an amazing person to have owned these.

And the cheaper ones, which, in retrospect, blend into my ears and make them look huge and misshapen.

Above, earrings: vintage. Coat: delia's. Skinny black pants: GAP, gift. Shoes: Harajuku Lovers via Nordstrom Rack.

Hee-hee. Hollyhock. There was also a green pair that I did not buy. But I can't find Bohmer online... the internet has failed me twice now... Why have you forsaken me?
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