This is what happened to me today. I was about to spread jam on my toast. When the bottom of the jam jar came off. Cleanly. What the hell?

As you can see, there are TWO openings in the jam jar (not to mention no jam left in the jar, as it splattered all over the floor while I stood staring dumbly at the BOTTOMLESS JAR in my hand).

Speaking of jam, I really miss when Justin used to work at that jam place and always got us free, extremely expensive jam...

Today I started Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, since I finished Slaughterhouse-Five yesterday. (Scratch that off the life to-do list.)

Also, I like waking up to inspect my bedhead. The joys of short hair!

Also, I think when I get bored of my hair, I can just cut enough to expose my ears, and I will feel like a new man my hair is totally different.

Also, I just realized that even though I want to start spending now, I can't, because after I pay my credit card bill, my checking account balance will be pitifully low.
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