The saga continues...

Connie and Shelby and I went to the Haight after school yesterday looking for a prom dress for Connie. No such luck, but after a quick (twenty-minute) pop into Goodwill, I left with another 80s prom dress. I may be developing an unhealthy obsession, considering that I haven't worn any of my (now) three 80s prom dresses in public yet.

Regardless, here are pictures.

Above, probably an 80s prom dress, $7.49 at Goodwill. Look at the volume of the skirt. Amazing-ness:

The back:

The sleeve:

The ridunkulously whack fabric:

I love it, except I can't raise my arms too far above my head.

[Edit: My eleventy-first post! Bilbo Baggins ftw!]
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