The World Is Awesome

Oh snaps. Forever21 doesn't do returns or exchanges or store credit or whatever for shoes. Looks like I'm going to be wearing those babies.

The other day, my English class was talking about "My Last Duchess", and when we got to the part about Neptune taming a sea-horse, I turned to my mini discussion group and was like, "A sea-horse is a hippo, right? Water-horse?"

No, Self. This is a seahorse:

Speaking of Forever21, here is a skirt I really, really want:

Above, Satin Mesh Skirt, $19.80 at Forever21

And here is a pair of boxers, because I've wanted girl boxers for as long as I haven't been buying underwear in 12-packs:Closeup!
Above, I Think I Love You PJ Boxer, $6.80 at Forever21

You know, I think I'm a really bad blogger. My posts are all over the place.

Oh well.

Here's a video that makes me think... THE WORLD IS AWESOME:

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