I Am A Skank/Visiting UCLA: A Week In Pictures

Day One: I debut my short hair.

Above, pink longsleeve: Target. Bandana/scarf: grandmother's. Zip-up sweater hoodie: grandmother's. Short shorts: Nordstrom Rack. Tights: Nordstrom.

Day Two: I Forget My Pants or The First Photo Attempted With Shoes Is A Failure Because Being Asian Prevents Me From Wearing Shoes On Carpeting

Above, plaid shirt: grandmother's. Bandana/scarf: dollar store. Longsleeve: department store. Leggings: United Colors of Benetton. Shoes: blowfish at delia's. Another shoe picture below:

Day Three: I channel my inner Snow White.

Above, red (you can't see it but I know it's) metallic threaded sweater: Old Navy kids. Bandana/scarf: grandmother's. Blue sweater: mother's, The Limited. Miniskirt: Forever21. Really thick knight tights: Target. Shoes: Payless.

Day Four: I make an Important Discovery, then fly to the LAX after school. I pack almost nothing to visit UCLA and consequently sleep in a pair of undies and a tank top.

Above: laptop case/bag: baggalini. Printed thermal longsleeve: Kohl's. Bluish sweater thing: mother's. Jeans: delia's. Socks: gift. Scarf: grandmother's. Bracelet: made by my friend Shelby (see below).

The Important Discovery:

Above, scarf: grandmother's, Oscar de la Renta. I did not notice this until English class when I saw the tag for care instructions sticking out and thought, "Oh! How obscene! I have unwittingly displayed the care instructions of my grandmother's scarf to the entire world!" resolving to re-tie my scarf with the intention of hiding the offending tag, only to discover the tag was a very agreeable one with Oscar de la Renta printed on it as well.

Day Five: UCLA Theater Open House. I wear the same outfit as Day Four and hope no one suspects me of my heinous crime. A girl in line for the bathroom asks, "Are you a design major?" When I respond in the positive, she says, "I could tell." After open house, I fly home. I wear these shoes:

Above, Oxfords that look better in person: Payless.

Day Six (Part One): Cal Open House.

Above, green longsleeve: Target. Vest: Nordstrom Rack. Bandana/scarf: grandmother's (it's navy blue, green, and red with gold chains printed on it. Not a really floppy-looking red scarf as it appears at first glance). Green t-shirt sticking out: "This Is Why I'm Hot" global climate change awareness t-shirt, printed by me, shirt from Kohl's. Skinny black pants: Gap, gift.

Day Six (Part Two): My high school's production of Les Misérables.

Above, jacket: mother's, United Colors of Benetton. Dress: was my aunt's. Blue shirt thing sticking out: I have no idea, but maybe a Spider-Man t-shirt from the boy's section at Mervyn's. Leggings: DKNY. Socks: no idea because they are so old. Worn with these shoes:

That was last week.
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