Go watch WALL•E. It was so cute. There's so little dialog, but this story of two robots is the one of the greatest love stories... EVAR. It's really sad. Look how sad he looks! I totally cried.

Here is what I wore.

Above, sweater-vest: Esprit sample sale. Longsleeve: macy's, gift. Brown tank top: the Haight. Jeans: Forever21. Oxfords: Payless.

Can you tell I'm a camera-whore?

Above, the sweater... which has a chiffon-y neck tie built into it. I mean, you tie it yourself because it's just a strip of chiffon sewn around the neckline with two dangling ends in front, but still. Chiffon and knitwear? It's so peculiar! I love it.
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