Dataran Sunway boutiques and New Shoes of the day!

Last wednesday, I've met up with Grace in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Was my 2nd time visited the place. We went to this nice and cozy coffee place call Sit A Spell cafe, it has a piano and guitar inside the shop. Not sure there is any performance in that cafe. Well, we ordered a green tea tiramisu cake, choc banana cake, a cup of earl grey and darjeeling tea. The cakes arrived, i have to say this is the best green tea tiramisu cake i have ever tasted...coz I've never tasted green tea cake combined with tiramisu, definitely worth a try. :) On the other side, the choc banana is yummy too, choc is very rich, and the slice of banana is fresh. Still love my green tea tiramisu. haha

After we savouring the cakes n tea. Grace asked me which boutiques should we visit first. Tough questions, coz each window display has its own beauty clothes on. So i pointed at my far left and said " ok, we gona visit tat, and then to it nxt door, n come dwn to tis one n go up to nxt one...". So at the end of the evening, we have walked through around 12 shops. Phewww! One of my favourite shops is Joyce Culture, they hav very unique clothes designed by them. TSC is another boutique which has nice decor with bird cages and black old wooden drawers with black french doors, gives me a feeling of visiting a classic antique shop.

I was holding 3 shopping bags. One bag is shoes! No Concept shoes imported from Japan, bought from Secret Gardenz boutique. Love their design, each pair of shoes comes with a unique design and each side is not matching. Ohh.. about Secret Gardenz boutique, if you ever visit them, remember to check out their cute furry Persian cat. So adorable!

I have also bought a bag and dress with english flower from Little Chamber boutique. Will upload the pics soon. Ohh and if anyone is planning to have their wedding gown designed, can check out this shop call After twelve. They have very good package deal.

HEre is the bag I've bought from Little Chamber. The lady boss said this comes from japan. I bought it because never see such design over here in Malaysia.

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