I Am A Tourist

What I wore yesterday to sit in a car for three hours:

Above, how I would have liked to wear it, were the sweatshirt a little bit longer.

Above, as it was, my mother made me wear shorts. I do abhor treggings myself.

Above, my hair looks strangely angular. Tourist sweatshirt: Chinatown. Short shorts: WetSeal. Leggings: United Colors of Benetton. Socks: gift. Shoes: Fafi for Adidas.

Above, yeah, look at me pretend to do push-ups against a wall.

Above, I call this one the Exalted Warrior. Extra points if you know what I mean.

Above, the sweatshirt that Gordon haggled for for me in Chinese, from a Chinese storekeeper in Chinatown. The sweatshirt had stains on it, like someone was standing too close to a pot of exploding curry (if curry were orange). So I bleach penned them to death. Fou' dollah!

Above, Fafi for Adidas. The side that sees the street.

Above, Fafi for Adidas, the side that sees its mate.
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