slight addiction?

Good evening good evening good evening! Hope you’ve had a great week so far. I’m extremely pleased that the weekend is just around the corner but I’m working on Saturday which sucks!

Do you ever come across a new product and completely fall in love causing you to buy said product in numerous different colours, shades and brands until you start to think you have a slight addiction that might require a stint with a terapist? Nope? Wow, was kinda hoping I wasn’t the only one...

My current obsession is with liquid eyeliners and I just cant get enough! I’ve been using black and brown liquid liners for years now (yet my hand still insists on shaking like a paint mixer when I’m applying them. Go figure!) but it was only when I got a bright turquoise liner free in one of those No7 bonus gifts that I started to branch out colourwise

Collection 2000 liners in Fierce, Ripped and Grunge

My favourite thing about the liquid liners is that the colour is seriously intense regardless of what eyeshadow you wear underneath it. So you can go for a really dark striking purple shadow but still finish it off with a lime green liner, which wouldn’t work nearly as well with a regular pencil style liner!

GOSH liners in 10 and 17

I’ve included snaps of my current favourites and I’m very pleased to say that I adore the Collection 2000 ones (which cost an amazing £2.99 each) as much as my Urban Decay ones (which cost a bank breaking £13 each. Ouch)

Anyone else think liquid liners are the best thing since sliced bread?

Tip of the day: Mix some honey and almond flour into a thick paste to create a scummylicious face scrub. Makes a fantastic gentle exfoliator thanks to the antiseptic properties of honey and the high levels of vitamins in both products ♥

Contas Premium
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