tangled & blinded

I went to an early screening of Tangled the morning before Halloween. It was adorable, and I like Mandy Moore again. Also, there are at least two songs from it that are going TO BE IN MY HEART FOREVER (the first is Rapunzel's intro and the second is when Rapunzel leaves her tower for the first time). [EDIT: It's "When Will My Life Begin" and what must be one of the reprises... so the same song. Identification fail!]

It's funny because I thought it was actually really really dark, at least in terms of emotionally manipulative relationships. And it makes me wonder if all Disney films are actually profound beneath that cuteness, and if maybe it just went over my head when I was younger.

I don't know, and I don't like this song that much, but GODDAMN THIS SCENE IS ROMANTIC. (The video is just a still with the music playing, but ... WHAT A STILL. HGNGNNHHGHFF.)

Then I hauled my glamorous self to Costco.

To get my glasses and contact prescriptions renewed. And to have my pupils dilated for the first time. HOLY SHIT IS IT TERRIFYING HOW ENORMOUS MY PUPILS ARE.

Here are things I wore over my eyes that day:

Left to right: disposable shades for glasses-wearing patients with dilated pupils, 3-D movie theater glasses, disposable shades for non-glasses-wearing patients with dilated pupils (modeled above in my eyebrowless photo).

Speaking of not having eyebrows, if you've ever wanted to describe something without eyebrows, the word you're looking for is epalpebrate. (Thanks, Linguistics Department emails!)

I wore this to be frumpy and felt like I should have been in Never Let Me Go (which I haven't read and haven't seen, so maybe my impression of the costumes from the one set photo I've seen is inaccurate).

Above, outerwear: thrifted Ralph Lauren (or some sub-label of it). Pashmina: New York street vendor. Sweater: thrifted. Dress: mother's. Boots: Hunter.
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