Maybelline Super Stay 24hr review

First things first! (as opposed to first things third?) I have to address the “lasts for 24 hours” claim because in my opinion it just doesn’t! I must confess that the longest I’ve worn this is about 18 hours – that was during a looong Friday at work followed by a nice evening out - but even that was enough to let me know it wouln’t hold up well for a full 24 hours

I’d got home at about 1.30am and being a total slave to my skin (which still totally refuses to behave itself) I was straight into the bathroom to wash off my makeup. Now there was still quite a lot of this foundation/concealer combo on my skin but it was far from fresh looking and I definitely think anyone would’ve removed this and reapplied before going out in public again!

Though as far as I’m concered that’s not really a big problem cos I never wear my foundation for more than 12 or 14 hours anyway and in those cases this has held up fantastically well!

Have you noticed that there’s a bit of an obsession with matte finish foundations recently? Personally I don’t want a matte look – I want a nice natural youthful dewy glow that simply looks like my skin only better and that’s exactly what this delivers. I have combination skin and I think this looks fantastic even on my slightly oily t-zone. I bought my incredibly pale, dry-skinned 15 year old sis a bottle too and she absolutely adores it. Très generous of me, no? :)

The texture is lovely cos it’s fairly thick and damp so it stays moist as you apply which gives you plenty of time to work with it. Also this doesnt “set” like a lot of foundations so if you want a more matte finish then I definitely recommend a powder to dust over the top of it... The coverage is excellent and even after a bad nights sleep I generally find that the coverage is sufficient to hide my dark circles and the little red areas at each side of my nose. Oh and did I mention this is only £8.99. Seriously.

As for the concealer, well I was so impressed by the foundation that I absolutely had to have this. The first thing that pleased me (other than the price - £5.99 for an awesome concealer that has already lasted me ages? Yes please!) was the wand applicator. I much prefer these to the pots or little squeezy tubes because I think this is just so much more precise.

For the most part I use this to cover my almost constant chin breakouts... we’re talking seriously massive hideous cartoon-witch-like spots . And not just one or two! This doesn’t run away with it’s tail between it’s legs at the mere sight of the area like most concealers but actually rises to the challage and does a mighty fine job! Thanks to the texture of the concealer I can use it anywhere on my face so I don’t have to switch between products for my under eye area, spots and other blemishes

Er, I started this as a quick, short, precise review but it’s verging on a war and peace like epic so I’m gonna leave it there. If you’ve managed to get through my ramblings I wanna congratulate you and thank you for sticking around for the duration :)

P.S. Just one other little unrelated thing! (I cant seem to shut up now. Grr!) I was looking after my nephew overnight and my sister packed everything I'd need. I pulled out the cream for his nappy rash and the name really caught my funny bone...
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