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Do you ever come across a product that brings out the pink-dress-wearing- glitter-loving 8 year old girl in you? It happens to me all the time, I’ll see something really bright and sparkly (and yep, completely tacky) and just have to have it! Most recently it happened when someone got me a Love Hearts set for my birthday

When I was opening said pressie I spotted the little Love Hearts logo and got embarrassingly exicted. Then I saw lip gloss...and perfume...and body lotion!! By this point I was hyperventilating and my 25 year old self was telling my increasingly excited 8 year old self to keep cool and at least try to refrain from squealing like a girl. Epic fail :)

Strawberry Dream Eau de Toilette

You probably wont be too surprised to hear that this is seriously sweet and smells of (fake) strawberries which I rather like! It lasts forever and you only need the teensiest little spritz. My kid brothers love the smell and my dad hates it – if we needed proof that this is aimed at the younger generation then I think this is it

Lip Glosses

Simple, glitterly, slightly sticky but definitely not unpleasant. Generally I wear the pink shade cos it’s subtle but still really pretty. Every time I’ve applied this in the bathroom at work someone has asked me where I got it. I had no idea people loved Love Hearts so much!

Kiss Me Body Lotion

Sometimes I cant help but put something aside for a “special occasion” which is exactly what I’ve done with this. Because I’m not using it yet I havent actually opened it to see how it smells. I’ve decided it's going to be my Christmas body lotion so I’ll be using it on the run up to the big day!

Talking of which I got my very first piece of Christmas tat of the year. It's a rubber duck with a little santa hat and a candy cane and I just think it's beyond cute. I really am 25 you know. Honest :)
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