Little after work shopping trip

Happy Saturday all! Hope your weekend is going well. I was stuck in work until 4pm today (Grrr!) but I’ve booked all next week off – HURRAH!! I don’t actually have anything planned other than looking after my adorable nephew, shopping, reading and watching TV. As far as I’m concerned the best time off is the kind where you aren’t obliged to do anything at all :)

Popped into town and did a little shopping after work today and just wanted to mention a couple of the things I picked up. I wore 5 inch wedge heels, which I hadn’t broken in, so my feet were killing me and I couldn’t be arsed getting the stuff I actually needed. Typical, eh?
Itsy bitsy teeny weeny bottle of Fantasy by Britney Spears to keep in my handbag
Stila compact - I reckon the colours are perfect for Autumn
Whittard eyebag tea because I'm definitely gonna have a lazy pampering day on my week off!
Pure coconut milk facial scrub. I love any products with coconut milk or oil and I've been using this for ages. In fact this is my 3rd bottle! Totally unheard of cos I suffer from "grass is greener" syndrome so constantly change the products I use :)
The texture is awesome - creamy but still abrasive enough to get rid of nasty dead skin and leave me feeling all soft n smooth
Vanilla bath bomb for 99p? Er, yes please! (Well at that price it would just be rude not to!)

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)
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