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Good evening all! Hope your weeks going well – for a change I actually had a really awesome Monday. Got up at 7.30 to make some tea and toast then went back to bed and watched TV till 11.30. To be honest I probably wouldn’t have bothered getting up but we had a plumber coming at 12. He has to come back to replace a radiator, in the meantime I'm avoiding the living room cos it's bloody freezing!

Just wanted to tell you about some of my favourite Maybelline products cos I’ve been using sooo many things from the range recently that I figured they definitely deserve a mention :)

I’m not gonna ramble on about them or anything, I just wanna say that I reckon each and every one of these awesome items does exactly what it says on the tin (bottle/tube/pot etc) and they’ve become firm favourites of mine. Don't you just love picking up cheap drugstore goodies only to find they completely exceed your expectations?
Mineral Foundation. Even comes with a teensy kabuki brush which is dead handy for keeping in your bag, car, desk at work etc... Not bad quality for a freebie. I think I paid just under a tenner for this
Define-a-lash mascara in black. Total bargain at £7.99
Gotta love the rubber applicator. I'm seriously picky when it comes to mascaras so I'm always really chuffed when I find a decent one
Dream satin liquid. Perfect for my (few and far between) good skin days. This gives a gorgeous light-medium coverage and looks amazingly natural
Line definer. Possibly the thinnest liner ever. I adore this because it's so easy to use and the line is unbelievably precise - even when I'm in a rush this does a fab job of making it seem like I spent ages on my makeup when actually it was probably about 5 minutes!
Super Stay 24 hr foundation and concealer. I know, I know, this is technically 2 products but they're both great and definitely deserve to be included here so I figured I'd squeeze them into one picture and you'd let them pass as one. Sneaky, no? :)

Know what's awesome? Going to bed and not setting your alarm. Le sigh, being off work totally rules! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment!
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