I am going to LA

I am going to LA tomorrow. Hurray! I think I need to get away from here.

Today I wore this Lion-King-themed outfit to watch The Lion King and pig out on rotisserie chicken and spinach dip and baguettes and pwnage rolls (aka those spiral sandwich rolls, Markly) and chocolate cake and stuff:

Above, khaki SAFARI-esque thing: Target. Purple ZEBRA-striped sweater: mother's. LION KING t-shirt: Lion King on Broadway. Floral SHRUBBERY shorts: mother's. Gray GRANITE tights: DKNY. UTILITARIAN WHITE shoes: Payless. LEOPARD print headband: Walgreen's. (I tried really hard. Shut up.)

Above, the bump in my hair is there because my hair is half-up.

Above, Lion King the musical love.

Above, look how artistic the angle is. Or acrobatic.

Above, look how artistic the lack of focus is. Or amateur.

Above, the real reason why I am happy right now. Thank you, SFPL. <3

[Edit: 200th post.]
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