Cell Pwn, the Lion King, and Bare-Chested Men

This is what I wore to go get a new cell phone.

Above, cardigan: Esprit sample sale. Dress: mother's. T-shirt: threadless. Tights: DKNY. Shoes: Steve Madden.

Above, this is me ducking for cover. The tights make my legs look really weird because they're not totally opaque.

Above, how I saw this girl wearing her sweatshirt the other day. I have to admit, it's much cooler-looking than tying it around your waist. It makes me feel like a beauty pageant contestant. Or Rambo.

Above, Rambo. Not that I've watched it.

Above, what I learned as a Stupino-ish pose in Commedia dell Arte (he is a mentally and physically slow character). For some reason this reminds me of Woodruff from those Woodruff and Schnibble adventure games.

Above, Woodruff is the blond one. Why do today's pictures remind me of bare-chested men? Huh.

Above, my new toy. It is green. I do not like the way it feels in my hand. I miss my very, very old phone already.

Above, what I made for Sunshine for our Lion King party thing tomorrow before she leaves for the Philippines. It is a lei. With paper flowers, and a sun, and a little wax paper flower with animal stickers on it. Oh, and leaves, and butterflies from Chinese New Year thingies.

Above, the animal stickers. Rawr. Li-on, li-on! The clear things are straws I cut up.

Above, jummmmmmmmble! Doesn't the lei kind of match my dress?

[Edit: This is my 200th post. I hear that blogs with a high post volume tend to have short lives. Oh well. Not that it would be new to me if I started and ended a blog in less than a year. Until then, I will continue posting too much.]

[Edit-edit: I lied. I forgot blogger counts drafts. This was my 199th post.]
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