Novelty Post #2!

Because I am in the car on the way to LA and I am going to puke if I keep typing so I think I will stop very soon but it is such a novelty to be on my laptop in the car.

I would like to say that I went to sleep at 3:30 in the morning because I was "packing" (i. e. not packing but talking online) and was woken at 5 to start the long drive to LA. So I was very, very groggy and very, very grumpy as well as very cold and very hungry. Not to mention I am sitting in the middle seat of the back row of my uncle's minivan, sandwiched between a pile of Wet Wipes/sanitary towelette products and my mother, my little cousin is screaming (i. e. talking), my skin is shriveling from the air conditioning, and the sausage-egg-biscuit sandwich I just bit into is simultaneously hard, dry, and dripping with grease. So I have every reason to be in a bad mood this morning.

My mood was much worse earlier, so to mollify myself, I tried to do the usual Things I Love list in my head. Unfortunately this was such a bad morning that I couldn't come up with a very long list and consequently had to pull some Dr. Seuss-esque thinking.

That is, my Things I Love consisted of things like... "I love that I am not on a sinking ship or sitting on a cactus. I love that I am not struggling to build an igloo in the middle of an ice storm in Antarctica. I love that I am not being pursued by rabid dogs, children, or piranhas. I love that I am not in a caged death match with Amazonian warrior princesses." So as you can see, this was not a very good list.

Fortunately I am in a much better mood now, and this is why:
  • because I owned the gas station claw machine and walked off with two teddy bears (one of which looks completely demented) and a monkey after maybe $4 worth of tries
  • because I just got a text message from Sunshine who is in the Philippines
  • because Vitasoy Lemon Tea is really good
  • because I decided to wear cotton twill pants instead of denim and my circulation is thanking me for it
  • because seeing rows and rows of plants grown for agriculture is kind of amazing
  • because I have a craving to try finding my way through a corn maze (and because Clarence said that if I got lost, I could always eat my way out)
  • because Connie showed me Jesse McCartney's somewhat disturbing music video for "Leavin' " on YouTube and the song itself is kind of catchy
  • because I am not as nauseous as I was the first time I typed a post in the car
  • because I am not sitting on a cactus
By the time this post is published, I will be in LA, out of the car, but that's beside the point.
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