I'm feeling pretty...

...shitty today, so to cheer me up here's a Things I Love Wednesday:
  • hot chocolate because it is warm, involves chocolate, and requires almost no preparation
  • sequins! The logistics of sewing them on are so simple! Once I find a blah garment to try them on, I can jazz up anything! And then jazzercise while wearing it! (Or not. ...I just like shiny things.)
  • mail from TK (who is in France) that included this:
(Oh, D. H. Lawrence. You and your supposedly non-metaphorical rocking horse.)

Actually I'm feeling really shitty. So I think I'm going to have to make this a lot longer. Clearing out my pictures...
  • my J. Crew mittens from Clarence because they are very soft and very warm and make me feel like a watermelon
  • that my friends and I are the kind of people who get a hotel room after prom so we can drink.... this:
  • Oh! My clutch that I used for three dances. Hahahaha. My grandma made it, and I did the non-functional buttons.
  • iCiNG because Gala never fails to make me smile
  • this error message I got today:
  • SusieBubble's post on this egg clutch because it makes me think of the egg from Goblet of Fire. I am such a dork.
  • Sweet Fancy Treat
  • the fact that I really want floral socks for some reason, because it sounds funny to admit
  • all these brooches by ambiguous horse
  • Overheard in New York
  • warm, fuzzy socks
  • that I am finally figuring out (I think) how Benjy's part in The Sound and the Fury works (maybe)
  • my friend's typo "I will be contacted people for a vote"
  • that I get to see Victoria tomorrow! I am going to bring her my new favorite dark chocolate!
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