Because I am television-deprived, and Christian is fierce, and I don't watch Project Runway, but my cousin's house has a big TV and it's always on.

I am back. My excuse for the lack of posting is that I couldn't get online on my own laptop while I was in LA.

So here's a monster post.


We drove to LA. When we got there, everyone was working/in class, so we spent our time at Wal-Mart and Linens 'N' Things. Let me say that the prices at Wal-Mart are ridiculously low. Like so low that it made me feel a little sick thinking about the kids in China or whatever making those things. Like my humanity just died a little, because I bought fabric dye, clothes hangers (for the dorm!), and E6000 glue there anyway. (I had to get a new bottle because I accidentally glued my first bottle shut. Which was pretty dumb, since it's strong enough to be used on moving metal machinery.) Oh yeah, and I bought a peach-y "bath net" as the internet tells me it's called from Linens 'N' Things while in search of Twin XL sheets. For a potential DIY project a la Kingdom of Style (which will hopefully come into fruition, since I have all summer left).

Above, the 30 plastic clothes hangers... just for my dorm. Actually, not being able to bring enough clothes is one of my biggest worries. Another is adopting a college uniform of college t-shirt + jeans + flip flops. Ohpleaseno. Please let me have more time than that.

Above, fabric dye! In Ocean Blue and Flamingo Pink. As well as my trusty, semi-toxic E6000!

Above, the "bath net." I think I prefer Queen Michelle's much more endearing term "shower flower." It sounds so friendly. Charmingly modeled by my H&M notebook from Jessie :)


We went to eat at this vegetarian restaurant that I liked a lot, except for the sweet and spicy soup which killed my stomach. I bought a headband with tax for $1.08. When presented with two $1 bills, the cashier whipped out her calculator. I winced.

So this is what I wore:

Hee-hee. It is my cousin's room, with her amazingly huge sliding closet doors/mirrors. I know it's messy, but she's usually at her apartment, not here, and my mom and I were in there too. T-shirt: Secrets of Mensa, Threadless. Skinny jeans: Forever21.

I lied. My other pair of Forever21 jeans (that I wore for 6 days in a row) definitely have visible topstitching, but I thought these didn't, and they do. It's just blue, and the denim is really dark.

See? Blue topstitching! Something strange about these jeans: there are two belt loops in the center-back. Like men's dress pants.

Since I bought both pairs of jeans from Forever21 and they're the same style in different washes, I thought, you know, they would both fit the same way. Plus, the lines for the dressing rooms were ridiculous. So I didn't bother trying the second pair on.

What a mistake.

I thought maybe they would stretch after a few wears. The bunching around my knees and ankles weren't that worrisome at first.

Until I bent my leg, and the fabric did this:

Which, I think, is supposed to happen, but then the underside of my knees started to feel constricted like my circulation was slowly being cut off. Still, I had faith in the 1% spandex. So I wore them to lunch and then a brief shopping excursion.

But when we got back, my knees and ankles started to feel itchy and raw, so I changed into a pair of shorts. This is what my feet looked like after:


Okay. I don't love my feet. They are veiny and pale and dry. But the impressions left on my skin were nastier. There were also impressions from every conceivable seam as well as a couple of the rivets.

I tried to wear them again on Saturday, which was pretty dumb. I changed out of them at the first opportunity.

Later that Saturday I gave my jeans to my taller, lankier, less butt-tastic cousin in exchange for two pairs of her old shorts. Huzzah!

Above, a set of hair ties not in their original packaging, from Forever21 because I think I never posted them when I bought them. If I did, suck it up. Also, the green headband that cost $1.08.

Above, more of my headband.


We went to the Desert Hills Premium Outlets. It was hot. My feet hurt. I bought (okay when I say "I bought" I usually mean "my mom paid for") a fake pair of black Wayfarers for $10, hot pink galoshes from J. Crew for $19.99, and a bicycle-print canvas tote from J. Crew for $5.

Above, galoshes. Oh, Gabriel from "The Dead" by James Joyce! Anchor print. I can't be bothered to find the fake Ray-Bans and the tote bag in the pile of mess that is My Mom And Me Unpacking, so I guess they'll just come up later.

Oh yeah. And I finished reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Oh my goodness. Read it. It made me feel so many things I can't count them.


We went to Nordstrom Rack because my cousin has a lot of trouble shopping but can usually find stuff there. I bought a pair of Harajuku Lovers sneakers for $14 and a pink plaid skirt for $9.99.

Above, my sneakers. I think I'm falling in love.

Have you ever looked at a fashion editorial or an item of clothing or jewelry or something, and found yourself reacting the same way you would to a plate of food or a really attractive, semi-clothed person of your-choice gender? Because I do. Not for this shoe, exactly, but after looking in some display windows (at Union Square, not the outlets) I realized that my breath hitched at the gowns with gihugic trains and my mouth was full of saliva.

Above, the street side. Love.

Above, why I really love these shoes.

Above, pink plaid skirt. I like that it is elastic. I have a butt. It isn't lined, but the shape of the skirt means it won't cling and get stuck between my legs when I walk if I wear tights under it (which I most likely will).


A trip to the local mall. I bought a pair of dark red tights from Forever21 for $5.80.

Above, the dark red tights. I don't remember seeing these online, but then again, their merchandise rotates so quickly I can barely keep track of it. I wasn't really intending on getting these, but my mom made me decide really quickly, they seemed fairly opaque, they were cheap, I didn't have a red pair, et cetera. So I got them.

What I wore until it became so uncomfortable I gave up and changed:

Above, jeans: Forever21. Floral belt: off a dress from Goodwill. Polo: Nordstrom Rack. (I bought it on an earlier trip.) This is my cousin's room. Is it not awesome and lived-in and messy?

Above, another picture, with TATER TOT! The Welsh Corgi. He is more fondly known as Tater. Oh yeah, and that's most of my brother on the side taking him out for a walk. I am mid-laugh, hence my strange positioning.

More Tater:

I like to pretend Tater has an internal monologue in which he believes himself to be an aristocrat.

Tater likes these chrysanthemum tea drinks:


We drove back.

Rest in peace, hot pink DKNY tights. It was good while it lasted. Even though I only wore you out once. Curse you, laddering. Curse you!

Below, what I wore, in one of the poses I naturally assume when standing still:

Slouchy and a little dimwitted-looking. Cal t-shirt: Cal student store. Floral shorts: mother's. Hot pink tights: DKNY. No shoes because I was too lazy to put them back on after lugging the luggage upstairs (haha! Lugging luggage!) and I didn't wear them for most of the car ride anyway.

Above, another natural pose. I am such a diva. I really do always stand like this. My mom says it's going to make my spine lopsided.

I'm fierce.

P. S. This dress is from Goodwill and used to go down to my ankles. I don't remember how much it cost, but it was really little. I hemmed it over a week ago and was super-proud of not lazing around the house unproductively.

Now it hits at the knee.

My hand-rolled hem. Actually I forgot how to do one, so this is just a really clumsy, non-hand-rolled hem. I should really look at the worksheets from my fashion construction class two summers ago. Hmm... with a hand-rolled hem, the hem... rolls onto itself so you can't see any stitches. How ugly! You can see my interlocking.

Above, my family has a strange sense of humor. Above the closet doorknob is one of those "lift" stickers from those little packets of tissue.

Oh, and what we had in the cooler in the car, also known as the best gummy candy evar:

Oh, and I am on a Panic! At the Disco binge.

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