I don't want you back

The items in my outfit make me think of being a reject from an audition for an 80s movie about hookers.

Above, jacket: mother's. T-shirt: uncle's. Jeans: Forever21. Socks: HotSox. Shoes: Hot Gossip via Buffalo Exchange. Bag: Goodwill.

MY MOM: Those shoes look so... cheap.
ME: Cheaply made or they make me look cheap?
MY MOM: No, no, like cheap.
ME: You mean they make me look cheap?
MY MOM: Yeah.
ME: Mmhm.

Above, the shoulder pads are quite massive.

Above, the cheesy t-shirt.

Above, these socks always make me feel like there's a disco I wasn't invited to.

"Are you propositioning him?!"
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