Oh, I know you're gonna say the trees are paper mache

Slutzilla attacks Disneyland and California Adventure.

Above, bow on headband: DIY + Forever21. Vest: aunt's. Tank top: cousin's. Shorts: cousin's. Socks: 98-cent store. Oxfords: Payless.

Funny: the princesses all liked my bow. Just imagine the awkward small talk we made.

Above, sunglasses: Forever21.

Above, + jacket: cousin's.

Above, the next day. I know the lighting is totally different, but do I look any darker?

Here are some pictures.

Above, Darth Vader wielding his light saber against a small child.

Above, Darth Vader towers over small boy.

Above, small boy #2 approaches.

Above, small boy #2 is handed light saber by Asian man. Storm Trooper looks uninterested.

Above, snacks! Crackers in the shape of baby heads.

Above, I'm late!

Above, non-phallic!

Above, California Adventure.

Above, what an awkward sun.

Above, a photo from when I stuck the camera out the car during Autopia, because I like to drive with no hands.

Above, there is no innuendo related to "tosser" here. Move along.

Above, again, nothing to see here. No innuendo involving "ball," "toss," "shoot," aiming for the stars, or men on poles.

Above, Mr. Potato Head lost an ear. Hahahaha. It was pretty funny because the animatronic actually stopped working.

Below, pictures from Soarin' Over California, because sometimes I wish I were an aviator so I could dress up like one.

On a side note, when I saw the above picture...

ME: Oh, what a cute boy! But how young he looks to be flying. What a cute haircut! Is he the son of a famous aviator? But how terribly young he -
COUSIN: That's Amelia Earhart.
ME: Ohhh.

In conclusion, I am mercifully un-sunburned, the Jedi Academy is the cutest thing ever, that new Toy Story ride is kind of amazing, I like California Adventure's Tower of Terror better than Great America's vertical drop thing, Soarin' Over California still smells really good, I hate the sun, and Ariel's Grotto has good fruit parfaits.
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