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from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Fifteen Minutes
  • [Hermione’s eyebrows convince Harry to write to his godfather about the Death Eaters and the dreams and the hey-hey-owwy-scar.]
  • [… Cedric proceeds to run in from an afternoon of frolicking in the rain to submit his name while a pack of wet boys shout “Put it in!,” after which there is wet hugging…]
  • CEDRIC: Hey! Harry! You know the prefects’ bathroom? There’s this giant tub up there with dozens of bubblebath taps, and… you know, I never thanked you properly for helping me out with the first task… it’s a great place to take a bath.
  • KARKAROFF: Severus, you know what it means when the thing does the thing! It means the thing will soon be thinging!
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