i flew coach (actually, economy plus)

This girl is back in the city she loves more every time she leaves, and she is ready to go back to school.

This is what I toted around UCLA. It's my mom's, but I chose it because I wanted her to look young and hip (or maybe I just wanted to borrow it).

Above, the bare essentials, minus boarding pass. I really want/need a new wallet, especially after seeing Melissa's red Marc Jacobs one. Maybe someday I will grow up and buy one that doesn't have licensed characters on it. Also, maybe one day I will stop using free-with-purchase makeup bags to hold everything.

Above, beginnings of cowl. Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm going to start over because I only started this to have something to do with my hands. The lighter yarn is alpaca-something from that garage sale hosted by the nice old couple from a while back.
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