I woke this morning and thought,

My life is one big exaggeration.

“It goes like this: I spent YEARS—and I mean every MINUTE of them—building you this…huge house inside of my heart. It had many little rooms where we could be silly, or naked, or sweet-sap corny. or maybe we could just talk or fight or be together in silence. Nothing was missing. Except you. So I waited.

But you never arrived, and the house started decaying. And I, I just couldn’t STAND it. And so I burned it down and demolished the whole thing with a steamroller.

And suddenly…here you are, with your little suitcase. You find me standing among the ruins. And then you ask me why I’m so sad. And THEN you ask me why I’m so ANGRY.


— Maritza Campos (reblogged via multiple tumblrs but I recall it from sleepanddream)

And then I thought, I am so emotionally vacant that

But there is no time to mull it over, for I will soon be off to the land of the

I wonder if it's too tacky to bring my UCLA sweatshirt.
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