Dear Lame Vintage Sellers,

Just because a garment looks like it's from one decade doesn't mean it always is.

In my desperation to make money/keep my new year's resolutions (and because I like clothes and shopping), I have been looking into money-making schemes, and selling vintage on etsy is one of them.

Etsy requires that vintage items be 20+ years old. So if you're going to claim a garment is 20+ years old, please do your research before you list.

Yes, I'm looking at you, LittleKillers on etsy. (Oh, now I feel bad for calling her/them out. But not really.)

While trying to find out if my blazers were sellable on etsy, I have learned that...

Lauren by Ralph Lauren was started in 1996 by Jones Apparel. Not in the 80s.
And Jodi Kristopher, sold under the label City Triangles, began in 1990. Not in the 80s.

If you have the damn label, look the damn thing up.
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