cold feet

In preparation for my first 8 AM college class, I slept at 10 the night before, woke up at 6:30, then forgot to put on my galoshes as I headed out the door. As a result, I trudged through a light drizzle completely un-indicative of Sproul's treacherous puddles, all the way across campus in these sorry flats:

They don't like to associate with puddles. (Too plebeian.)

I wised up before dinner and put on my galoshes but removed my jacket for the photo. My outfits from Wednesday to Friday have been essentially the same with slight variations on the denim color and different sleeve colors because JACKETS ENGULF EVERYTHING. At least I have this picture:

Above, longsleeve thermal: Kohl's. Cardigan: mother's. Jeans: Uniqlo. Galoshes: J. Crew.

This is me looking down at my galoshes for being so common and associating freely with puddles.

Totally plebeian. But forgive them. They can't help it. Anyway, here's my umbrella because my last one broke.

Above, umbrella: Office Depot. (I know, right?)

Later, I spent a good twenty minutes trying to decide how to skew my buttons and ended up settling for the simple but almost always effective offset of one buttonhole:

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