Kicking off 2009

With Prada, nasty jellybeans, and adventure games.

This is what I did on the first of January. (Excluding watching the end of Crash, which I started at 11 PM on New Year's Eve.)

Let's go in reverse order.

Gem from King's Quest III:

I love remakes of old games.

So, my little cousin got me these jellybeans that are sort of like Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, but not named the same thing. I have to say these flavors are much, much worse than the originals:

I've had Booger before, but I didn't get it this time. Nor did I get Moldy Cheese.

I only got one jellybean that was Ear Wax or Café Latte colored, but I couldn't tell which flavor it was supposed to be.

The only normal flavors I got were Buttered Popcorn (which I find gross-tasting anyway) and Plum.

From least nasty to nastiest: Toothpaste, Pencil Shavings, Black Pepper, Baby Wipes, Vomit, Skunk Spray, Rotten Egg.

HEADS UP! Rather nasty pictures of half-masticated food ahead:

OHAI an ant:

Sorry. I know that's really gross-looking, but my cousins and I were gagging and really needed to spit them out. Especially Rotten Egg and Skunk Spray. An ant found its way onto my cousin's plate.

And my skirt from Crossroads:

At least, I think it's really Prada.

Please excuse my sorry photo-editing skillz, but this is what the content label would look like if I didn't have to flip it over to read the other half:

The 5% rubber is what makes me think it must be real.

Above, cardigan and pin: grandmother's. White v-neck t-shirt: men's Hanes via Target. Black longsleeve: Target. Skirt: Prada via Crossroads. Tights: super control top DKNY. Pumps: mother's, Liz Claiborne. Belt: GAP, brother's.

I had the hardest time getting into the skirt because of how tight it is. How do people wear pencil skirts? And with heels? I had a hard enough time maneuvering in low heels and a skirt that isn't deadly tight.

I wore this to my mom's friend's house, where my mom caught up with old friends and I sat and ate and made my skirt even tighter than it already was. Well, I had fun posing for these pictures, anyway.

Look, I have a butt!

This is how I would have worn it, but it was too cold, and the skirt doesn't really fit more than one layer tucked into it.

(Above, me chatting up the wall.)

That is all.
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